Welcome to the
Walsingham Year 3 Class Page!

Mrs Parry and Mrs Lawler are our teachers.
Mrs Plastow is our teaching assistant.


Mrs. Parry teaches the class all day on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs. Lawler teaches the class on Thursday and Friday.
Mrs Plastow is with us each morning.

If you are a parent of a child in Year 3, you can follow us on Twitter to see what we are getting up to in class each week!

​Autumn 2021

​​Our current R.E topic is ‘Myself’. During this topic the children will explore and develop an understanding of first and family names. We will be talking about how everyone has a name and that we are called by these names. We will focus on recognising our own names and making name cards to use within our classroom.

During our Reveal section we will be looking at how God knows and loves everyone of us and how God knows each persons name. The children will be able to talk about and experience how God knows each of them and how he loves them. They will be able to express who is precious to them and how God loves and protects those people too. We will look at how God loves and cares for everyone through prayers and quiet reflection.

Our next R.E topic is ‘Welcome‘. During this topic the children will explore and talk about their experience of welcoming people and being welcomed in our homes and school community. We will make welcome displays to help people feel welcomed when they enter our class.

During our Reveal weeks we will look at how a new baby is welcomed in our church family and how we ourselves were welcomed, looking at pictures and discussing with our family and friends about our own Baptism. The children will have a chance to explore artefacts linked to Baptism, act out Baptisms with each other using class dolls and dressing up, learn new songs and talk about the love and joy a new baby brings to a family. By the end of the topic the children will recognise some religious signs and symbols used in baptism and some religious words and phrases from the rite.
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 Spring 2022

Our current RE topic is ‘Growing‘. During this topic the children will explore and talk about their own experience of ‘growing’ and how they feel about growing. During our Explore week they will have the opportunities to recognise growth in nature and discover ways in which things grow through a range of activities. We will be growing our own grass heads as well as conducting experiments on beans to see what plants need to help them grow. We will look at the lifecycles of animals and match animals to their young. We will visit the pond area to have a look at the frogspawn and frogs, doing this throughout the topic to see how they change and grow. We will also explore the school grounds to look for signs of new life in nature, completing our ‘growing’ booklet, showing what we have discovered throughout the week.  They will recognise that Spring is a time when things begin grow. By doing this it will support them in thinking about the ways in which they can grow in love to be more like Jesus during our Reveal weeks.

Throughout our Reveal weeks, the children will learn about Lent and recognise it as a time to grow more like Jesus as well as learn about Good Friday and getting ready to celebrate Easter. They will look at ways in which they themselves and others can grow in goodness, kindness, helpfulness and love.  Recognising how they grow ‘inside’ to become more like Jesus, working with the scripture John 13: 34-35 ‘I love you and want you to love one another’

The children will have opportunities to recognise the story of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, through role-play and interactive stories as well as watch our Yr 3 & 4 production E-A-S-T-E-R. We will create an Easter garden in small groups to show what happened on Easter Sunday. By the end of the topic the children will recognise that Christians try to ‘grow’ more like Jesus’ particularly during Lent.

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Guitar Music Tuition by Ian Buxton:

If your child is interested in learning to play the guitar then please telephone or email Mr. Buxton for further information on guitar loan, lessons and pricing using the details below.



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Y3 General Weekly Timetable
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Our Advent Term
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Our Knowledge Organisers

Useful Information about our Year 3 Class

Religious Education

St. Elizabeth’s has a Franciscan heritage so our school values are based on Franciscan values. In Year 3, our class value is respect. We understand respect to mean treating others as we wish to be treated, or as written in Mark’s gospel 12:31, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Prayer and worship are an integral part of our day.

Our R.E. topics last for around 4 weeks and our learning is summarised in the R.E. knowledge organisers, which will be added to this webpage when we start each new topic.


Our writing lessons follow the Pie Corbett ‘Talk 4 Writing’ style of ‘Imitate – Innovate – Invent’; put simply ‘I do – We do – You do’. More information about this method of teaching can be found in the ‘Curriculum’ section of the website, under ‘English’. Our class will practise two genres each half term. English knowledge organisers will be posted onto this webpage when we start each new topic so that you can see a summary of our learning.

We will be teaching whole class ’Talk for Reading’ every day where children experience high quality extracts of texts from a range of genres each week. As well as whole-class ‘Talk for Reading’ sessions, the children will be in a guided reading group and will read with/practise reading skills with the class teacher once a week. In both these sessions, we will (throughout the year) focus on one of the nine reading domains in order to develop skills in each area. The readings domains are: retrieval, inference and justification, explanation, vocabulary, summarising, prediction and justification, organisation and presentation, effects of word choice, comparison. Of course, the children will have the fabulous ‘My Book Blog’ books (both home and class readers) to enjoy. Mrs. Lawler and Mrs. Plastow will be monitoring the children’s progress through this.

Spellings will be sent home to learn as homework each Wednesday, and will be tested the following Wednesday. Spellings and grammar will be taught/revised during the first 10 minutes of each English lesson.

We will concentrate on perfecting our letter formation and joining our letters during Year 3. You may receive extra handwriting homework if we feel your child would benefit from 5 minutes handwriting practise at home, each evening.


We use the Power Maths scheme of work, and each term has an associated textbook: Power Maths Year 3 – Textbook 3A (for autumn term), Textbook 3B (for spring term), Textbook 3C (for summer term). If you are keen to follow our learning, these books are be purchased on Amazon and are £6.99 each.MyMaths is a free website for you to use and we will set work on it each term. If you feel your child needs to revisit a topic, do revisit the Y1 and Y2 units of work.

A great, fun ‘sing along’ app to help children learn their times tables is called Maths Rockx. However, this is £10 to buy.

We encourage the children to wear an analogue watch to school (this is a watch with a face and hands) to help them to tell the time. If you have an analogue clock at home, encourage your child to look at it during the day and work out the time together (starting with o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, then intervals of 5 minutes past the hour).


The children will have two P.E. lessons each week. This term they will be on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. We are lucky to have external coaches for both these sessions. Lessons will be outside for the foreseeable future so please make sure that your child comes to school in their Winter outdoor P.E. kit. This should be: plain dark tracksuit bottoms, yellow polo shirt and yellow (school) sweatshirt and outdoor trainers. Don’t forget a coat too, we will go out in all weathers!

Foundation Subjects

You can follow what your child is learning each half term by reading the half-termly newsletter and checking this web page for different subject knowledge mats.


Please read with your child every night for 10 minutes. Practise spellings for 5 minutes in the evening. Chant or sing times tables on the way to school and have a go at the corresponding division facts (in Year 3 we revise and learn x10, x2, x5, x3, x4, x8). Practise telling the time at home.

If you would like to do extra, there is the MyMaths website to visit and the Spelling Frame app is very good too. Ensure your child has a notebook to write and draw in. Visit the new Belper library when you can!

We will send other homework home now and then. The children will be rewarded with house points for returning it on time.

Drinks and Snacks

Children are asked to bring a water bottle to school each day. They are encouraged to drink water throughout the day to aid concentration. Water bottles should be taken home each night for washing. Healthy snacks are needed for break times to keep the children going until lunch or the end of the day!

Our Classroom

Our classroom coat pegs are rather cramped – a smaller bag is best!

Following Covid advice we ask children not to bring additional stationary into school. We also need to mention that if children wish to bring a small pocket-sized toy to play with at playtimes, these must not be shared with other children.

Many thanks for your support!

Mrs Parry, Mrs Lawler and Mrs Plastow.

To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.